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Why commercial-style branding doesn't work for nonprofits--and what does Taking its cue from for-profit corporations, the nonprofit world has increasingly turned to commercial-style branding to raise profiles and encourage giving. Offers a real-world fundraising strategies that work in the nonprofit worldDisabuses readers of the dangerous notion that commercial-style marketing works in the fundamentally different nonprofit worldWritten by an industry insider with 25 years of experience raising funds for many of the most successful nonprofits in the world Nonprofit fundraising is a fundamentally different world--financially, emotionally, and practically--than commercial marketing.

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See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Email address. Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. However, do nothing and it may take months to get your funds, and they may be missing some administrative fees once they reach you. Fair warning: These reports are notoriously incomprehensible and only provide limited information about fundraisers and donors.

Facebook fundraisers are going to happen with or without you. The success of Facebook Fundraisers has non-profits feeling delighted, eager, and more than a little confused. After all, rule 1 of fundraising is to thank your donors — and thank them quickly. You can click through to donors to thank them, but if you click too many and the number is a moving target , social media platforms see you as a potential threat spam , and disables your account.

How to Get Approved for Facebook Fundraisers

There is a way to identify top donors to your Facebook fundraisers by creating a custom spreadsheet and sorting it. Now you can see the largest donations and the associated donor information including First Name, Last Name, and Email if they opted in.

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Facebook fundraisers are changing the game for nonprofits. Judging from the success nonprofits have had with Facebook fundraisers, the community likes the idea of Facebook birthday fundraisers. With a fresh group of donors and supporters taking the initiative to make an impact, nonprofits now can connect with new supporters who are most passionate about their cause using total amount raised as a proxy.

However, Facebook goes out of its way to make it difficult to connect to fundraisers and donors by providing limited information in their donation reports. Nonprofits receiving funds through Facebook have access to two types of reports: Daily Transaction Report and Payout Report. At face value, the Daily Transaction Report is not very useful.

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However, with a little spreadsheet wizardry, you can make the data useful by identifying fundraisers that raised the most money. If you want to build your own spreadsheet, step-by-step instructions are below. When you can identify top fundraisers, you can encourage them, thank them, and set a reminder to ask them to repeat the fundraiser on their birthday next year. Drag down this formula to populate the rest of the Total Donation column. Now you can see who started fundraisers and how much they raised. Engaging with people who start Facebook fundraisers for your organization allows you to encourage them and thank them if you choose.

Watching the progress of Facebook fundraisers can also help you know how much Facebook is going to deposit into your account. So how do you know when someone starts a fundraiser for your organization? If you have notifications turned on, you'll see a note from Facebook that someone started a fundraiser for you.

The Ultimate Nonprofit Guide to Facebook Fundraisers

If you don't have notifications turned on, you will see a list of ongoing fundraisers when you navigate to your administrator page in Facebook. To see your transaction report, from the top of your page click:. You can import. If the donor opted in with an email address, you can import to your CRM or to your master Excel spreadsheet and contact them in the future. You may want to upload their name into your CRM anyway in case their email address comes your way through another path.

The location of the donation is also informative. Watching this trend over time helps you see if donors are reacting to a button and call-to-action on your page, to their peers who start fundraisers, or to a live video. Dates covered can be useful as you track most popular time periods for donating to Facebook Fundraisers. If you see a trend, you can strategically encourage your social community at those times — or during dips. The truth is, Facebook is invested in helping nonprofits get donations. Opt-in rates are low — in the single digits, which is unfortunate because donors who are willing to give once may be likely to give again with a little nurturing.

Facebook fundraisers are an increasingly popular way for users to raise money for, and give money to, their favorite charities.

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Many nonprofits worry that they need to find a way to send a tax receipt to each person who donated to a campaign. The good news is, Facebook sends tax receipts for you. However, it would be great to have the email and mailing address for donors and campaign owners though. When a donor makes a contribution to a campaign, Facebook sends an email to the address listed on their account.

This will likely change the motivation for giving to charity on the whole, especially for those who give specifically for the tax break. The Act lowers individual tax rates, thereby reducing the value of charitable contributions. In fact, only 5. Those who donate for a tax break tend to do it in larger chunks, and at the end of the year as part of an overall financial strategy.

The good news is, either way, Facebook does the paperwork for you. The reason they must contact Facebook, even if the funds have been dispersed to you, is that the funds pass through a tax structure called a Donor Advised Fund before they reach the non-profit. That donor then names the donor-advised fund account, along with any advisors, successors or charitable beneficiaries. Their contribution is placed into a donor-advised fund account, where it can be invested and grown tax-free.

At any time afterward, that donor can recommend grants from their account to qualified charities. That means that Facebook is in charge of issuing tax receipts, ensuring the funds are fraudulent, record-keeping, and filing taxes. If a refund is issued, it must come from the Donor Advised Fund and not the non-profit.

He lives in Seattle.

How to Raise Money with Email: Fundraising Funnels for Nonprofits

Matching Funds. Exhibit 9 1. Exhibit 10 1. Raising Brand.